Agent Akira

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Released: 10/30/12
Length: 88min. 4sec.
Starring: Akira Lane
Tags: dvd


In the first scene, Akira finds herself in an empty house and takes advantage of the solitude with a late afternoon dip and shoot by the pool.  It takes a bit of courage to face the temperatures and she dances and tosses off a few drinks to warm up for the subsequent bikini erotic stripdance and dip into the 50 something degree water.  Then it is off to a hotel room where Akira finds some interesting play things left behind by a previous guest for which she which she soon finds a home.  Next Akira plays the Secret Agent and she seduces a foreign operative in her quest for information.  She uses both sexual persuasion and ropes on her target to extract national secrets.  But a twist remains unresolved...    

Widescreen Format 79:34 in length.


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Views: 2949

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